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V Series Vertical Beater Models

The new industry leader that delivers performance and control to maximize the nutrient value of your manure.

Features: Vertical Beaters

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Vertical beater paddle design

For Vertical Beaters we went to BERMA, a world leader in vertical beater design.

To ensure optimum performance, our engineering team worked with BERMA engineers to "beef up" their basic beater designs to better suit harsh North American conditions.

Paddle configurations are a combination of blades to slice through tough materials and cups to fling finer materials and semi-solids. Even corn and bean stalks are shredded to an indistinguishable fineness. Beaters can be customized with any combination of cups and knives. For even more durability in high-usage applications or abrasive materials we offer forged and hardened components. We've even created custom components for specific applications. What can we do for you?

Better processing and distribution means better feed for your fields.

Closely-spaced spirals and over-lapping beater tips mean more contact with the manure for finer processing and better distribution. Unlike apron-type spreaders, which have a dead spot for apron clearance, spirals on a Hagedorn spreader go all the way to the bottom of the beater. An impeller, at the bottom of each beater, further ensures good distribution of fine materials and semi-solids.

Illustration of vertical beater spread